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We are experienced at developing great iOS and Android products for enterprises and startups.


Interface Design
We build user interfaces that delight and engage users. Our designs are modern, clean and creative.


Emerging Technologies
Apps are moving beyond smartphones. Please ask us about your Apple Watch, Android Wear and Oculus VR projects. We're ready to build the future.


Case Studies


Weekend Student Adventures

Andy Steves helps young travelers find the most exciting and interesting destinations in Europe.

He wanted an iOS app to complement the tours that happen year-round in European locales. We built a beautiful app that extends the WSA brand to iOS and provides location-specific information and itineraries.

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MediaCore Capture

MediaCore's video platform is being used worldwide by leading institutions such as Yale, Penn State and The University of London.

The MediaCore Capture app is an important component of a suite of products in the MediaCore platform. Enabling lecture capture directly from an iPhone or Android device is a valuable feature for MediaCore customers managing their video libraries.

We took over the existing code base for Capture iOS, adding new features and updating it for iOS 8. Additionally, we built the Android app, with video encoding and uploading functionality, from scratch.

Thrifty Foods

Thrifty Foods is a major grocery retailer in Western Canada. They provide great grocery products to thousands of people every day.

Thrifty Foods wanted an app that would stand out from the crowd. We built an app that not only provides up-to-date flyers, deals, recipes and shopping lists, but also a innovative bag reminder feature. This geo-fencing feature sends notifications to remind customers about bringing their reusable bags when they physically pull up to Thrifty Foods locations in their vehicles.


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